The Pseudonomicon (Hine P.)

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Внимание! Книга на английском языке.

What is The Pseudonomicon? It's Cthulhu Mythos. It's Cthulhu Madness! It's a Cthulhu Pathworking!!

First published in a very limited edition in 1994, and reprinted only once since, The

Pseudonomicon has been extremely difficult to find. By special arrangement with Dagon Productions,

we have brought it back in this revised and expanded edition. Of The Pseudonomicon the author


"Disclaimer: It is generally agreed by experienced magicians that working with the Cthulhu Mythos

is dangerous due to the high risk of obsession, personality disintegration or infestation by

parasitic shells. Whilst giving this opinion due consideration, I have decided to release this

material since, before the throne of Azathoth, questions of who is sane and who is mad become



"Each god brings its own madness. To know the god---to be accepted by it, to feel its

mysteries---well you have to let that madness wash over you, and through you. This isn't in the

books of magic. Why? For one thing, it's all too easily forgotten, and for an other, you have to

find it out for yourself. And for those who would sanitize magic, whitening out the wildness with

explanations borrowed from pop psychology or science---well, madness is something that we still

fear---the great taboo. So why did I choose Cthulhu---High Priest of the Great Old Ones---lying

dreaming "death's dream" in the sunken city, forgotten through layers of time and water? It sounds

so simple to say that I merely heard his "call"---but I did. Gods do not, generally, have a lot to

say, but what they do say, is worth listening to."

With a new Introduction and a completely new, and greatly expanded section on Banishing. From the

author of Condensed Chaos and Prime Chaos.


The Pseudonomicon (Hine P.)