PsyberMagick (Carroll P. J.)

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Постмодернистское пекло, убийца классификатора и топливо шизофрении. Одобрено Мискатонским университетом и Хассаном ибн Саббахом Первым. Фнорд.

PsyberMagick will stimulate outrage, chaos, confusion, and insight in anyone who studies it closely. -- Alan Wicca The most original, and probably the most important, writer on Magick since Aleister Crowley. -- Robert Anton Wilson

A witty and iconoclastic continuation of his commentary on magick and modern occult subculture by one of the founders of Chaos magick. PsyberMagick contains astonishing, controversial and revolutionary ideas on the theory and practice of magic(k), the structure of the universe and the nature of the mind. It holds many surprises as it challenges many of the conventional assumptions and paradigms of magic. The author invites the serious seeker of magical knowledge to undo the basic fallacy of "being" and to learn the techniques of reaching "sideways" into imaginary time to accomplish magic(k). Done in the style of Crowley's Book of Lies, and humorously illustrated, this book is a must for all Chaoist and Western magicians.


PsyberMagick (Carroll P. J.)