Lilith Goddess Of Sitra Ahra(B T P)

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Lilith is one of the most well known Dark Goddesses. She’s the Queen of Sitra Ahra, and the Serpent who tempts men with knowledge, encouraging them to look for the Antinomian path of Self Deification. Goddess of Bloody Moon, Sacred Prostitute, and Hag of the Night. Lilith, the Goddess of a thousand masks and guises, is explored thoroughly in this book through different rituals, ceremonies, poetry and art. This anthology has been written by different magicians of the Left Hand Path - people with a true vocation and dedication to the path of the Red Goddess.


Ama Lilith -Daemon Barzai-
Arachnid Lilith -Salomelihecatel-
The Legacy of Lilith -Frater Nephilim-
BINAH -David ‘Eosphorus’ Maples-
Opening The Eye Of Lilith -Edgar Kerval-
The Red Serpent -Frater G.S.
Abode of the Dark Mother -Walter García-
The Huluppu Tree -Frater G.SLilith
The Night Hag -Pairika - Eva Borowska-
The Witch of the Night -Daemon Barzai-
Lilit -Astartaros Magan-
Gnosis of Lilith -James L GeorgeLilith
Invocation -Lucien von WolfeThree
Rituals for the Queen of Night -Chertograd Daemon-
Lilith:The Spider Queen of the Qlipoth -Daemon Barzai-
The womb of art -Tim Katteluhn-
Lilith as the Great Qabalistic Initiator -Rev Bill Duvendack-
My Triple Goddess Lilith My Eternal Freedom -Selene-Lilith-
Lilith Serpina -James George-
Rite of the Seduction of the Virgin -Matthew Wightman-
Lilit and the consorts of Samael -Yla Ysgarlad-
Lilith Poetry -Ari-
The Pilgrimage of Viryklu -Luis G. Abbadie-
The Baptism of Witchblood -Kazim-
The Evocation of Lilith -Daemon Barzai