Kabbalistic Handbook for the Practicing Magician (Lisiewski J. C.)

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Внимание! Книга на английском языке!

This is the first book every aspiring magician should study. --Mark Stavish, Director, Institute for Hermetic Studies

For the practicing Magician, there is no more crucial working knowledge than the Kabbalah. This complex structure serves as the backdrop against which the magician's thoughts, ideas, ritual and ceremonial work are placed, and is the archetype which breathes life into secret occult practices. Yet, none of the numerous books on 'Qabalah' give those 'on-the-spot' attributions, correspondences and key concepts in a 'user-friendly' style. Until now. And The Kabbalistic Handbook gives you even more. It includes never-before-published techniques that enables Western Magic---including Golden Dawn Magic---to work flawlessly every time! Never again will you need to wade through voluminous chapters of many different books looking for the Kabbalistic information you need. In addition, you will have a course of instruction that will enable that knowledge to work for you as never before. The field is cleared for your main objective: the realization of your desires, manifested through properly executed ritual and ceremonial work. Одно из наиболее удачных изложений каббалистической системы для практикующих. Включает редкие и малоизвестные техники.


Kabbalistic Handbook for the Practicing Magician (Lisiewski J. C.)