Tree Books of Occult Philosophy - 1651ye. (Agrippa H.C.)

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For some years now I've been messing around with the various incense formulae outlined in Agrippa's Three Books of Occult Philosophy. I wanted to his formulae without including ingredients like blood or animal parts, which in my opinion is not only be cruel but would stink. I am all for authenticity but I reject cruelty; further, I believe that magical tools that are aesthetically pleasing work better than those that aren't. Agrippa does offer an out, which most people don't notice, absorbed in the rather sensational ingredients: "Besides, to Saturne are appropriated for fumes all odoriferous roots, as Pepper-wort root, &c. and the Frankincense tree: to Jupiter odoriferous fruits, as Nutmegs, Cloves: to Mars all odoriferous wood, as Sanders, Cypress, Lignum-balsaim, and Lignum-aloes: to the Sun all Gums, Frankincense, Mastick, Benjamin, Storax, Laudanum, Amber-gryse, and Musk; to Venus Flowers, as Roses, Violets, Saffron, and such like: to Mercury all Pils of Wood and fruit, as Cinnamon, Lignum Cassia, Mace, Citron pill, and Bayberries, and whatsoever seeds are odoriferous; to the Moon the leaves of all Vegetables, as the leaf Indum, the leaves of the Myrtle, and Bay-tree" (Book One, Ch. 44). Although unusual, Agrippa's groupings make sense and show that traditional European magic was nowhere near as hide-bound (pun intended) as some folks nowadays like to insist. This is leaving aside whether the named animal bits are really meant to be animal bits at all. That question is answered in the negative by such sage sources as the Greek Magical Papyrus (PGM XII:401-44), which gives a list of animal parts that it asserts are actually plant parts. Be that as it may, here are the combinations I've created based on Agrippa's descriptions. I hope they serve you well.


Tree Books of Occult Philosophy - 1651ye. (Agrippa H.C.)

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