The Necromantic Ritual Book (Wendell L.)

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In this book, the author talks a little bit about the "Angel of Death", how he is sometimes manifested as "death energy", and includes 5 or 6 solitary rituals for tuning into and understanding this energy. Well, that's at least metaphysically speaking, and I take the talk about "Azrael" with a grain of salt.
Psychologically speaking, I think this book is really about personifying death, and then carefully utilizing that personification to better comprehend and accept death. The meditations/rituals increase in complexity and "effectiveness", but no real special tools are required for the simpler meditations (usually stuff like some candles and jasmine incense or oil, and a place to perform).
As with any sort of ritual in the occult scene, one should be careful of what they're doing so as to avoid unfavorable results. I don't mean invisible spirits/demons (as some believe), but psychological side-affects. You should just always be careful of knowing your expectations and goals of a ceremony, and not to get too obsessed with it. But like driving a car, the benefits far outweigh the risks once you know what you're doing.
Anyway, the book is also very visually appealing, with its ingrained silvery writing on the outside black covers, deep violet on the inside of the covers, and "gothy" lettering. However, the tiny writing in the gothic-looking font does make a little difficult to physically read. When I bought the book, the cashier and I were trying hard to read the listed price on the back! I admire the effort for aesthetic appeal, but not at the complete expense of practicality.


The Necromantic Ritual Book (Wendell L.)

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